Background Bitmap vs Picture Quality

This is because BBs are drawn directly to the frame buffer, whereas Pictures are texture mapped planes, which rely on the underlying mapping mechanism of the GL… and if the images being used are large, that will only add to the “blurry” effect. You can try turning off the “Filter” option in the material (if it isn’t off already), but that’s pretty much all I can suggest or do about it…

Note: Using larger resolution images will not improve anything, especially if the resolution exceeds the limit of your GPUs texture size. This is not a resolution problem, it’s a mapping and texel resolution problem.

That being said…if you have examples where this is really bad, I’d like to see them.



Here is an example of side-by-side of a BB and a Picture… I chose this image because it has lots of tiny pieces that can cause issues…it’s also quite large and perfectly square… The two objects have been placed at exactly the same size, and the viewports have been zoomed to exactly the same depth. So in this example, I do not see any difference. Can you tell which one is using BB and which one is using Picture?

This is why I need examples…