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Continuing the discussion from Rhino 6 woes: I HATE the picture command … Please don't phase out background bitmap function:

First of all nobody (in this discussion) has asked you to do something about it. I have no problem using Background Bitmap.

The type of images that I use BB for are technical 2d drawings -that need to be legible. I need to be able to read the tiniest print and see the line drawings clearly. Also, as I said Picture has improved it used to produce images where the text was unreadable

If both those images are using the openGL pipeline they are probably not very different

Here is an example of a part of a large drawing from Picture

Here is the same area with BB using Windows GDI pipeline.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate… I just got a bug report stuck on my list that links back to this discussion.

Of course they are…there’s no other way to do it… whether it’s a BB or a Picture… What is different is how OpenGL is used to get the contents into the frame buffer.

All I’m asking for here are examples that I can work with…I’m not asking you to prove your comments… I believe you… I just want examples from you directly that I can use to see if I can tune things up…that’s all.


As far as I know no one who like to use Picture command has made any complaints about the image quality. I don’t use it so I don’t care what it looks like.

There may be no other way to do Picture command, but BB command works great using Windows pipeline. That’s what I use when I’m entering data from very large background bitmaps.