Avengers (2011) Quinjet set design

Final model and drawings of the set built for the first Avengers film in 2011. All modeling and construction drawings done in Rhino version 5 .

Art Director : Ben Edleberg
Set Designers: Scott Schneider / Sam Page


I’m not particularly fond of the Marvel/Disney superhero movies, but this is mind blowing! The interior of the air ship is just stunning.


Yeah they dont do much for me either. That being said it was a fun project and a great challenge.

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This is a great piece to show! Thank you for sharing this work.
I enjoy looking at the arctic renders more than nature itself.

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wow!! So cool to see this!! thanks for sharing!

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Big thanks to all the film folks sharing their work here lately!! So cool to see all this great film work being shown, rhino has been in the film biz for awhile, but we usually don’t get to see it due to IP issues.

Thanks Kyle,

Yeah we try to post what we can but those pesky NDAs get in the way. Im hoping that more contribute as time goes forward. We tend to push design and the capabilities of Rhino quite a bit with so much of the content we do. I have to say SUB D tools has really saved my …quite a bit these past two years. One in particular I cant share at this time but once the film is out I will. I really want to show what we have been doing to demonstrate what you can do with Rhino and how much its become a primary tool in the art departments. Grasshopper has also been used quite effectively by many although I must admit Im not quite as smart as Grasshopper so my learning curve is steep.


I have worked with @cosmas since my Tsplines days and have always been impressed with his work in film- I’m really stoked to see more. Let us know when you make the wheels fall off of rhino so we can identify those issues and fix em!

Grasshopper has defeated me many times… I can identify with the struggle.

Can’t wait to see more work!


Thank you, Kyle. Hey Scott (@FilmDesigner) thanks for sharing your work. Regarding the NDA’s can we assume that once the film is released it is safe to post our work?

This really is amazing work. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing this stuff (and secretly wish I had the opportunity to work on stuff like this). Congrats.

Hi Cosmas,

In most cases yes. If its for the purposes of showing a portfolio or as in this case the discussion of how we use Rhino and what is learned from this work that can further develop the software I think we are safe. I have had shows that say NO POSTING even after its released. In the case of the images ive posted a lot of time and a lot of images have been put out there so I think its fine . At most they will ask you to take it down but I try to wait until the hype dies down.


Thanks Andy,

While I will say that working in this industry affords us the ability to do something different every 3-6 months there are downsides and looooong hours. But I suppose you could say that of any industry. I have the attention span of a 5 year old so changing things up on a fast pace fits my wiring. :rofl:



Yeah I like the arctic renders. Reminds me of when we would paint miniatures with primer gray prior to paint. Shows the detail.


Ahhhh, good old Warhammer on table days. These were really good times! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
neat model btw! big probs

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I spent a lot of my career designing toys… similar pace, and hours that you describe, but also a lot of fun.

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Oh yeah, a buddy of mine transitioned from film to toy design. Turns out the pace and the stress were about the same but just as much fun.

Well the miniatures Im speaking of are more along the lines of miniature effects models for the movies. But same vibe.

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if you happen to run across A guy Named Vaughn Ling, I worked with him when he was at mattel, ( I modeled a lot of the hotwheels cars between 2004-17) he’s gone into film since… insanely talented and very cool dude. He said toys was a good prep for film… :wink:

Oh yeah I know Vaughn , we havent worked together but have met a few times. Talented guy. He works in Blender mostly these days as I recall.


That’s the dude… tell him I say hi if you run across him!

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