Automating prefab wood framing

Hello People,
I’m new to this software and trying out its potential. I think it’s possible to make my idea work.

I’m currently working on my final study assignment. After looking around here I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I hope you can help me or put me in a good direction.

I’m working for a Prefab wood framing factory. My goal is to create a full model based on minimum input. My output “has” to be a 2D or a 3D drawing or at least something to help the workers understand how to cut and assemble the prefab elements.

Currently all models are made in Sketchup and layout. Most designs are handed to us in Autocad dwg/dxf, Sketchup or Revit. I’m playing around with different options for a script. Allot of projects we work on are not standard houses, but have odd shapes. like circular walls, wavy roofs or look completely like the Death star (isch… ).

To begin, I’m focusing on just rectangular elements, but with more complex designs in mind. I have created some scripts that worked on a single straight line and volume. The problems I encountered started when my lines aren’t following the xyz in Rhino.

I tried multiple approaches.
Based on a floorplan > Curve.
Based on volumes in Skechup
Based on extruded surfaces in Rhino, this is so far the best option. It does take some “handwork” to make all the volumes. But the design is very controllable in this way. And a good base to start with I guess.

I based my scrips on a brep and deconstructed this, than used evaluate surface to create a U and V base for every element and a normal. again this worked pretty well, until i started tilting one of the element like a roof. I couldn’t figure out how to treat the data flow to give every element a individual ‘coordinate system’
Im a bit stuck in how i should approache this situation. Is there a better way to select the correct surface of the brep?

I would like to hear your opinion, ideas and help.

Could you post a gh file with internalized geometry? I have some thoughts as I have run into this to (Not with prefab), if I am understanding you right.
And just for clarification, you want to figure out the frameing inside your extruded volumes, correct?

Yes off course. It’s a bit messy.
If you have any questions I’l try my best to answer them.

Yes I want to put the framing inside the volumes and on the inside and outside sheet material.

Cheers (27.7 KB)

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Here’s one solution.

Just took out all “Flattens” off, and cleaned one path address after contour.
The main issue was the that the “Contour” component’s tree structure was way different than the “Extrusion’s” Base input. (27.4 KB)

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Hi @Jan18
and as a side node - the selection of the brep surface you use (with index number) is valid… until it’s not.
So if you model the volume bounds yourself, it’s propably ok as long as you are consistent with the modeling. But once/if you start to get volumes from external sources (IFC’s, STP, SKP, etc), then more often than not, the order of faces will not be uniform. And you’ll need a more foolproof method, like this:

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Hello @Toni_Osterlund,

Thanks for the solution with extra info! This is brilliant.
Will keep posting the progression I make with this.


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Bummer, late to the party. You nailed it! @Toni_Osterlund :slightly_smiling_face: