Help with setting up workflow

Hi all,

I’m looking for some help with establishing a workflow that is effective for multi-family projects. In the past, we’ve used SketchUp and each individual apartment unit was a component, those components were then fed into floor plate components and then those were repeated as needed. This often eliminated a lot of re-working of modeling elements as the design changed and evolved from client feedback. Unfortunately, everything would eventually need to be re-built (at least to some extent) within Revit.

Enter Rhino… what I’m looking at now is similar - instead of SketchUp components, I’m using blocks with Rhino. Those blocks are then nested in blocks for repeated floor plates, etc. It seems to work well for Rhino-only work, but one of the main draws for Rhino in our office is Rhino.Inside Revit. I was hoping that as I develop the schematic design model in Rhino, that information could be relayed into Revit for other team members who might be starting design development work.

Here is where I’m running into issues -

From my understanding, Rhino.Inside can’t translate over the blocks into Revit. Grasshopper needs to break those down into breps or groups of breps, correct? So those blocks need to be broken up into their individual parts, referenced into grasshopper, then rebuilt with Rhino.Inside nodes, and finally, that info will be translated into our Revit file.

I used Rhino and Grasshopper pretty extensively in school (mind you, that was a decade ago), but have forgotten and gotten rusty since SketchUp has been the main workhorse over the years. Right now I’m tinkering with Elefront as a way to work with the blocks, but even then, I’m not sure I’m working through it correctly. I know Human is often recommended for block management, so I will look into that as well.

Does anybody have any pointers on how this workflow might work? Is it even the correct way of thinking? Any resources I could look into for more information on this subject? Thanks in advance!

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Hi Tyler, This week is a little busy but I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a meeting early next week to see what your workflows look like and what you are trying to accomplish.

If you have a particular question post a small example and I will try and help get you going.