Automatic export as .dxf file with specific name

Hello Grasshopper users. I made a script for facade panels in grasshopper. There are around 28 panels. Now I need to create a script or use some plugin to export each panel with a specific name like X1Y1, X2Y1, and so on to the .dxf file. If you have experience with that please, tell me how to export it. Thank you in advance.

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Thank you. I will try.

Keyu Gan. Do you have some information or some tutorial on how to work with your plugin? I mean data organization and other nodes. thank you in advance.

may you upload the file with panels?

If you are referring to other features of Pancake, I’d recommend you to go through the examples. (Pancake -> Settings -> Example)


can we have the portable version for rhino 5
which don’t require admin rights so be easy to use by copying


You can use the Lunchbox plugin for GH and use the Object Save component. I can’t remember if you can save multiple files using a grafted tree, but you can also just use a loop like Anemone and then save one file after the other. That’s how we do it here and it works fine.

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Pancake is portable and doesn’t require admin rights. You just need the Pancake.gha. Others are for multi-language support and examples.

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