How to export a DXF/DWG from grasshopper

Hi People! I cant find any Addin that helps me to export directly from grasshopper a DXF file without exporting it manually. Does somebody could sujest me a workflow with this?

Elefront, Wombat, and TTToolbox can all do this from Rhino 7:

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Pancake plugin?

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The new Grasshopper Rhino components in Rhino 8 BETA have a component called Import Model Block Definition. I have used it to import *.3dm, *.dwg and *.step so far. A few weeks ago a developper mentioned the export component which currently only handles *.3dm will get more file type options in the future…

@AndyPayne what’s the state on the file type options of the export component?

Yes… we plan to implement a fully functional exporter (not just as blocks)… and these will/should have support for different file formats and options. We’ll probably start out with .3dm though. Anyway, it’s on our roadmap and something we’re working towards.


Great to hear. I use Pancake for exporting DXF and STEP out of grasshopper. I think this is basic functionality and grasshopper should support this natively.


Is there any news about this? It would be really convenient to have a native exporter, that works with all the assigned attributes. Even only .3dm (without Blocks) would help already. Thanks!

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