AutoCad Export DWG and DXF crashing all the time


I can no longer seem to save as dwg or dxf. it just crashes. I am attaching the file for anyone who wants to look and see if there’s an issue.


66 Cornfield Road for Morrish. (10.1 MB)

Interesting. We’ll need to look at this a little more.

It does crash when doing a save as DWG of the entire drawing. Imported into a new drawing it does the same thing.

Taking Partial Save Selected as DWG works fine, as a whole it disappears.

will try the partial save idea… I’ve never used that before. So you think there’s something buggy in my file?

That’s the odd part. Export Selected works fine on partial exports, i would expect this to fail if there was a particular object causing an issue. Importing into a new file does the same thing. I’ll dig into this more tomorrow when i can get more eyes on it.

I found the offending Objects. Do a control+A to select everything, then deselect everything in the boxes.

you find this set of annotations, once deleted everything works as expected. I’ll submit a bug report.

Hi @felixrothermel0,

I am able to repeat the issue. I’ve logged the crash bug.

Thanks for reporting.

– Dale

RH-74781 is fixed in the latest WIP