AutoAlignCPlane Toggle for Alias?

Am I missing something or is there no way to toggle AutoCplane On/Off from a single Alias/Macro?

The status bar uses this macro to toggle the AutoAlignCPlane off and on
! _AutoAlignCPlane _Enabled _Enter

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I guess I should have tested that myself. Thanks for the help!

Happy to help! How’s the AutoAlignCPlane working out for you? Any problems or critiques?

Just started testing today and need to get used to a proper workflow.
One odd thing I noticed:
In previous verisons I had something like _Cplane _Surface _Enter _Enter as a shortcut to quickly set cplane to a surface. But when I do that now with AutoCplane Activated I cannot use that custom cplane as it always uses WorldXY until I select a surface. So it seems like it ignores any custom cplane you set, unless you set it before you activate AutoCplane. I don’t know if that’s on purpose but seemed a bit weird to me.

It seems like AutoAlignCplane finishes your command so you cannot use it inside a command. Is this on purpose?

That probably should not happen. The AutoAlignCPlane is designed not to update in a command since you’re probably doing something with the current CPlane in the command. I can probably change it so in the case where it is turned on in a command it will update. I opened the issue here.

RH-74631 is fixed in the latest WIP.

Hi, how can i modify this macro so that it always sets the sticky option to “No”. I have tried ! _AutoAlignCPlane _Enabled _Sticky=No _Enter without any luck (it just toggles the sticky state on or off).

Looks like I made a mistake when doing the command line options. Sorry about that. I opened the issue here.

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