Auto CPlane is locked?


i’m trying to get the auto cplane running, it seems to be locked and I can’t find how to unlock it.

see the lock icon in front of the auto cplane button

and The toggle between world and Cplane is not working, I changed the location of the Cplane, draw a line with Cplane on, start from 0, and the line starts on 0 from Cplane, then I toggle to world, do the same, but it still starts on 0 from Cplane.

please help me out here!

left-click on the
:lock: Auto CPlane (Object)
until the command line says: Enabled automatic CPlane alignment

what happens if you sub-select a face of a - for example - truncated pyramid in perspective view ?
sub-select: ctrl + shift + left mouse click

also check the right mouse button menu when you (right-) click on the
:lock: Auto CPlane (Object)

@Gijs or @pascal
would be great if the status bar would be explained somewhere.
this post shows that the icons are not self explanatory
are these all possible statuses ?

would expect something like this … here in the help

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 02.27.29
off (lock icon without meaning ?)

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 02.27.20
on - not set (lock icon without meaning ?)

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 02.26.49
on - set - not looked

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 02.27.03
on - set - looked

oh wow, the look icon :lock: is its on interactive button… (left mouse click)…no need to use the right mouse menu.

it s a pity the status bar has no ( mouse - over - delayed ) tooltip as other buttons have.

the grafic / UI design of this specific 2 Status-Bar-Buttons (look + Text (Auto CPlane(Object)) is rare / unique (?) in the interface … that s not very intuitive.
the lock should have at least its separate mouse over behaviour.
there should be tooltips in the statusbar
I would prefere a divided rectangle / 2 separate Status Buttons, maybe with less / zero space.

Screenshot 2024-01-06 at 02.26.49

improved to show 2 functionalities / 2 buttons.

(it s not a one-line layer-palette where columns do not have separators (what I also don t like))

Why does the Auto CPlane button have a lock symbol? No buttons for similar functions have lock symbols.

Hi David,

Thanks for your help, however, it stays locked no matter what I do:

Right click on the button:

And then I try to click on lock auto Cplane, and that won’t work, nothing happens….


The Auto CPlane needs to be on. On as in you have the Auto CPlane enabled, selected something, and the CPlane moved to what you selected. Then the Auto CPlane can be locked. Locked means when you deselect or select something else the Auto CPlane stays where it was automatically placed. If that’s not working it might be useful to see a screen recording of what you’re doing.

I think tooltips here are a good idea. Interesting the gumball seems to be the only button which has a tooltip currently. I opened the issue here for the Auto CPlane. I’m not sure how useful tooltips for the other buttons would be.

I’m not a huge fan of splitting them up like that. I think it shows the two as separate things whereas they’re linked and part of the same functionality. Maybe a border around the lock icon would work better. At some point I might have had that but there isn’t a ton of free space on the status bar to use.

I start to understand now. it doesn’t work on a polysrf, only when you sub-select a face
it also works on a single surface.

I tried it on a line/curve, whicj also doesn’t work.

clever tool once you understand, I hope it is clear enough for other users to understand immediately.

now the other item I don’t understand is the cplane-world toggle button in the lower left corner. I need more explanationfor that as well.

best regards Albert.

We need to be able to create a plane from the selection. Finding a reasonable plane for a line is tricky. We could probably do a better job though. How do you expect the Auto CPlane to behave when you select a line?

The Rhino 8 help here explains the interface:

For the Status bar please check section 8. World vs CPlane coordinates means is the coordinate in the World X,Y, Z space or the local X,Y, Z space defined by the CPlane. Think relative to the CPlane origin versus relative to the world.

I understand making a plane from a curve is tricky.
so you’re asking me a difficult question. I like to make a Cplane perp to a crv. Maybe that’s something to reconsider?

I also understand the cplane/world button now, thanks!

Hi Albert -

That is completely undefined. You can have a construction plane that is perpendicular to a curve at a specific point on that curve. In addition to that point, you’d then also need to specify the direction of the X-axis.