Auto printing individual PDFs in various size and orientations

A dream for publishing from Rhino would be to print individual PDFs from a multi page Rhino file. In the various sizes and orientations defined in each paper space.

It would also be great to number the files from the tabs relative to each page too!

Can we do this somehow??

Hi Jonathan - it’s the single multi-page pdf that is key, here, correct? You can print layouts to separate pdfs now-


I’m not sure what this means. Can you elaborate?

Print individual PDFs, i.e. auto separate a print into individual pages, and name those pages relative to the layout tabs.

I cant seem to get landscape and portrait rotation working together though?

Have a look here:

You can print a succession of layouts in one orientation and then the others in a different orientation.

This is a good point though, @pascal @stevebaer - when printing a range it would be helpful if the spooler could work out what orientation the layout was or at least give the user an option to choose for each tab.


Yep, this is on the list as something to implement.


Suite! (of arbitrary rotated PDFs in one document:)

Thanks, Steve.


The other thing I think’d be very nice… Is to be able to print all as a ‘oner’… But have the printer seperate the pages into individual PDFs, Naming them via the tab on each layout.

Rhino is great I am a very big fan. However publishing, in this respect and other finer details, may help it compete with others at this end of the game.



Hi, in your changelog it says

Rhino WIP 2017-Feb-21 is now available.
This WIP includes:
New Features:
PDF: Option to make individual PDFs when printing Layouts

I can not get this to work though, neither I find the option to activate single PDFs.
For me printing multiple Layouts does not even create any PDF file.


The new PDF printing tools technically has this ability now, but there is no User Interface for it yet. The developer says it can be accessed through scripting if that’s something you can do. If you’re like me, then I’ll wait until there is interface for the controls.

Hi John, thanks for your respond. Yes, I´d like to try via script. Could you show me how to access it. Thanks, Phillip

Sorry, coding and scripting aren’t skills I have. I was passing along developer comments.

A sample python script for doing this can be found at


Amazing, thanks for this. Now if only Illustrator (PC) could provide the same function for art boards…

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Hi Pascal, I may be misunderstanding, but I cannot for the life of me find the option to print multiple layouts to separate PDFs. I select ‘Multiple Layouts’ and type in my range, but no where can I see an option to save as individual PDFs. It defaults to combining all layouts into one PDF and there’s no alternative. (Rhino6 btw)…

Hope you can clarify!


Hi - that’s correct, the print dialog doesn’t offer an alternative.
You can use the script that is posted here:


Ahh, okay. Thanks, Wim.

I’ll take that approach.

I find this pretty dissapointing such basic thing as publishing is very much underdeveloped in version 7. It is no science to be able to set your options per each layout such as size, dpi, raster/vector, driver and then just hit publish. I am playing around rhino 7 and i cannot comprehend why once “layouts” tab has been implemented other related simple features like described above are not part of it.

Have these scripts got the ability to rotate and scale different pages?

Also, and I think this is a biggy: Can the scripts name the PDF files with the viewport / page tab each has?

Yes indeed this needs to be implemented into the User interface. With controls. So that general drafting printing can be automated for large batches of prints. Regardless of their size or rotation. And as they are named too… we don’t have to worry about print order!? Please push this to get developed now? Batch printing is a basic for making, communicating and building things!

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