Print Layouts to PDFs - One layout to one PDF?



When Rhino prints layouts to PDF, all layouts are printed in a single PDF.

i want to print layouts to PDF’s separately, one layout to one PDF in a defined folder. The PDF’s use layout names.

it should be automatic, because i have 100 Layouts, and i change mein model very often.
i mean, if i chang my model, i must overwrite the 100 pdfs one time.

someone had idea? it will be very very helpful.

Auto printing individual PDFs in various size and orientations
(John Brock) #2

I added an item to the wish list for future development:

(Steve Baer) #3

This should be possible now with a custom python script.

(Kelvin Cheng) #4

@Ning_Zhang, here’s the script written by @JorinChi .

Create C:\pdf_output\ before using the script.

Select Tools > PythonScript > Run and select the to run. (506 Bytes)

(Lukasz Domagala) #5

Oh this is great Kelvin!
Just one question…is there a way to change output from vector to raster? I’ve been looking at ViewCaptureSettings but nothing there

(Steve Baer) #6

Not yet; this is still on my list of features to add to the expoter.

(Lukasz Domagala) #7

Snap…any temporary workaround? It’s just my models are displayed as Shaded in the layout but in pdf I get Wireframe

(Steve Baer) #8

Just the long handed approach of printing individual pages with the print dialog.


What is the equivalent in c#?


I am getting the following error when trying with Rhino 5 SR14:

Message: ‘namespace#’ object attribute ‘FilePdf’ is read-only

(Steve Baer) #12

This functionality does not exist in Rhino 5. It is a new feature in Rhino 6


I see. Thanks for clarifying.