Print Multiple Layouts as indivudual files

Is there a way to print multiple layouts at the same time, but as indivudalfiles indstead of a baked pdf with all the layouts inside?

Like a batch print :slight_smile:

And is it possible to name the exported pdf the same as the layout? Makes most sense to me then having to rename twice.

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Hi John.

Thanks for the constructive reply. It didn’t do the trick with my last post, which didn’t get any answers, so I figured I just let is pass.

Maybe you have some help regarding my issue as well, instead of just helping it with forum-policy?


There isn’t anything in Rhino’s user interface yet that enables this, but people have been successful at printing individual pages to separate PDFs using python scripts.

When I have time, I do reply.
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If you aren’t attached to PDF as your output, you can do this by picking Image File.