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I was wondering if batch printing will be included in the final release of Rhino 6 or better access to the printing dialog via python?

Currently, I have a batch printing script that works ~90% of the time through command line access (-_Print). Problem is, if one of the drafters changed a setting in the print dialog box when not using my script and they inevitably forget to change it back, the script fails. They always seem to change a setting I do not have access to via _-Print (centered is a good example).

I understand if Rhino 6 is too far along in development for implementing batch printing but is it possible to provide better access to printing in the Rhino Common SDK? I’d love to write a much more robust batch printing script that can support multiple printers, pages sizes and orientations.



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Same questions for Rhino7 : I see there are news in the layout management (vertical view with list of layouts). I see it is possible to print several layouts into one pdf.

Do you plan to allow printing from several 3dm files ? printing of several layouts into separate pdf files ?

Thanks !


This is still an issue today. Updating a set of plans on a project with e.g. 20 layouts is an annoying hassle. I’d love if there was a feature for batch printing in Rhino 8.

Is this a feature that is on any list? Or am I the only one who has a need for it?


from the
panel it should be possible to print multiple layouts at once.

But only into one file, right? I would want to export 10 layouts into 10 seperate PDFs.

as far as I see - yes, only a single pdf.

But most pdf Editors (Adobe Acrobat, Mac os X preview, many online tools, …) allow to split pdf into single pages. “split pdf into single pages”

Thats true but cumbersome, as you have to rename every single file.

Ideally, a batchPlot command should work like this:

In the print settings of each layout you define a filename. When you use the command, it should allow you to select a folder and then export all selected layouts into that folder with the predefined layout name.

In a professional architecture or engineering workflow you want to be able to quickly update a stack of plans, with often complicated file names, like:


As of now you have to print every layout individually and manually enter the file name as well. Programs like AutoCAD or other CAD software usually have batch plot features to help with this. A drawing index system would be great too btw…

Hi @jasper
would this work for your need?


Yes, amazing!

I still think this should be a standard rhino feature, but this is a great workaround.

Thanks a lot!