Attractor trouble

I haven’t done much complex modelling with gh before so I might be missing something obvious (I apologise if I have).

I’m trying to make a curved planter bed on an oscillating beam but am struggling to get the correct patch when using the created points (in green group). I get mostly the correct surface when i bake and then loft through curves of the points (it doesn’t make a smooth connection with the surface intersection) however this isn’t an option i can actually use as i want to keep it parametric, i don’t think this sort of data management would be consistent across the surface.

I have no idea what I’m doing wrong here for the patch to create such deformed surfaces any help would be greatly appreciated.

A secondary question would be how do i get this to work on multiple point on the surface at once. When I’ve tried the attractor points measure all points on the surface rather than the data in in the wanted area of influence. I’m sorry for putting two questions at once but this has stumped me for several days now so I’m completely at a loss.

attractor (46.1 KB)
attractor trouble.3dm (6.0 MB)