Smoothing Attractor Point Results


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Hi All,

I just had a question about using attractor points to control other points in the Z axis. I want to develop this in grasshopper so I can manipulate the shape with a graph mapper.

I am creating a chandelier which l intend to have a smooth flowing shape (see attached image). Right now I am getting very sharp seams in between the three separate bowls. How might I go about smoothing these seams within the script? I have tried averaging out the Z values but have had no success.

Any help you may be able to extend would be greatly appreciated!


Grasshopper (16.2 KB)

Proximity Parabola definition

Hi. Take a look at the attachment. I’ve simplified your definition a little bit and added Delaunay Meshat the end to give a shape for demonstration…

Grasshopper (19.7 KB)

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This works fantastically! It definitely has a smoother shape to it that will be better to use.

Attached below is an update on how it is turning out.

Thanks for the help!