HELP A NEWBIE! :) Problem with attractor point


I am having a problem working with attractors and a defined geometry, i want to scale the shell shaped geometry that you can see in their own center and this scale depending on the distance to the point. The gh doesn’t mark any errors, but i don’t see difference when i move the point.

Thanks in advance. (257.3 KB)

Hi @pam.alvaguer,

Please internalize all the input data in your gh script and re-upload it, if you still need some help.


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Hi Lina,

Thanks, sorry I didn’t checked that I was missing some of the input data. (2.3 MB)

How do you create pattern geometry? I mean, where do the input for shell geometry is coming from?
Do you create one shell and orient to the surface or how? If you have that definition, please attach.

See the gh files below, I hope this helps. (2.3 MB) (2.2 MB)