Surface creation - define the area - apply pattern - curve attractor

Hello team,
I am new here, these are my first step in gh and I desperately need your help!

I want to define a surface (let’s say it is a floor area), and apply a floor tile pattern within the floor surface. This is my area (photo below) but unfortunately, I can’t apply the tiles exactly within this area (red line). On top of that, I am trying to find the correct tutorials in order to follow and create this kind of pattern on my floor!

I would really love some tips and directions! Thanks a lot!
External walkway gh
External walkway


External Walkway.3dm (73.7 KB)
External (5.2 KB)

you will find some example here, it is just some links from a search using Google !!!


Ah thanks a lot, this is soo helpful! Do you know any other tutorials/posts related to applying patterns on trimmed surfaces or shapes according to boundaries?

there are surely others post, but the problem is now different. For a general trimmed surface, if you want same size squares, it is more a mosaic question. There are several posts on this subject. But if your problem is like on your reference image, you have just to cut the squares like it is done in real life with pavements.
So try to be more precise.
Is tile constant in size ?
Is the join between tile constant ?
Is the trimmed surface have dimension which allow a tiling without cuts ?

I understand you could need help, direction … but with a script with just 3 components, I think you are just at the beginning of the learning. So before running try to walk. Deconstruct your problem in smaller problems. There are many solutions to a single problem.