Another display bug?

Not sure if this is intentional, if so I can’t see the point.
I have a model in a rendered viewport. The objects have a transparent material.

However when I start a command, (in this case just a polyline nearby), the material goes dark.


There are some open issues regarding display mode settings being saved so that may be involved here but can you post the display mode file here (export from the Options dialog>View>Display Modes)? I recall you were working with a copy of the Rendered mode before and it may just be that the mode is set to use a transparent material globally for this mode instead of what is applied to the model.

Here you go. I just made this display mode ad hoc to display edges in a rendered view.
Copy of Rendered.ini (10.2 KB)

Thanks, I don’t get transparent display here using this mode and I can see that it’s still set to use the applied rendering material so check the Object Properties panel>Material section when the model is selected. It may be that the material itself is transparent or there is a transparent material applied to the default layer.

Brian, sorry, I guess I didn’t explain myself well. I want the transparency! I made the objects transparent. The bug(?) I mentioned is that when I start a object creation command, (e.g. a new curve, surface or solid) the current objects go darker.

  1. Make an solid object. I guess you should be in rendered mode.
  2. make it transparent:
  3. Create another item somewhere else in the viewport. The original solid object becomes darker, like smoked glass.

Actually, I’m getting color shifts (darkening) even in shaded mode. Here is my Video Display info, in case that is relevant.

Thanks for explaining the issue again, sorry I missed the real problem on a first read of the post. I don’t see this behavior here either though after setting up a material like the one you posted in the screenshot. Can you post the actual 3dm to make sure we’re looking at the same thing exactly.

CNC exhaust shoe.3dm (2.7 MB)

Thanks, the display doesn’t change here but I have a different GPU.

@jeff @stevebaer do either of you have a Quadro card to test this file with this display mode?

Yes, but I won’t have a chance to test this week (absolutely swamped with another project). I am seeing some cases where colors from other objects are affecting an object (or possibly colors from the gumball). This sounds very similar and we are working on a fix for this.

I have several Quadros I will test…but as Steve said…this is something that might just fix itself with stuff I’m currently typing on…but I will at least see if I can duplicate the problem.


Ok, well the current WIP on my machine shows the darkening issue when I try to draw polylines in your posted file…However, I committed a boat load of changes last night, so I just installed the latest WIP, and the darkening no longer occurs…so it does look like things fixed themselves…at least with this specific issue.

Please confirm this when you get the updated WIP.

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will do.