Can any body explain whats wrong with that?

Can any body explain whats wrong with that ?

Not from a picture, no.
Is that actual geometry or just a display glitch?

yes ,when i pick object , its just display glitch maybe my screen card (zotac nvdia
gtx 470 ) ?

When are the GPU drivers from?

intel® Core™ i5- 2500 CPU @3.30 Ghz.

Not the CPU - the drivers for the graphics card.
Could you post a screen shot of the Video Hardware & Driver Information that you can find under
Rhino Options > View > OpenGL

OH ! sorry ,misunderstand there is ;

That looks good.

If you turn off the Gumball and select something, does the same thing happen?

:frowning: Only shaded mode have that display problem

there is the file would you like to see hac14.3dm (6.8 MB)

I’m seeing there here as well now.

And only in the Shaded and X-Ray display modes.
When I ungroup, the issue goes away.

I guess a bigger brain needs to look at this one… @stevebaer?

Thanks for posting the file, I just checked it in the WIP build of the day and it shades correctly grouped or ungrouped…

My first thought seeing your screenshot was that there was an edge out of tolerance in the file but I ran through the objects and it all looks good. Please test again with the next WIP but if it still shades poorly let us know. @jeff I believe you have a GTX 470 still, we might need to test with it specifically if there’s still an issue.

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FWIW; I’m seeing this on a Quadro K3100M here …

Yes, and I see it with a GTX 980 Ti here… --Mitch

Thanks WIM and Mitch, my hunch is it’s fixed then in the daily build.

I’m not seeing it as shown here… However, in Shaded modes, when I select only the outside cross, I see the bogus mesh drawing… Quadro M series. Getting the latest BOTD now…

@BrianJ What happens when you select/pick only the cross portion?

Ok…with the latest BOTD I am no longer seeing the problem… So I guess it’s wait for the next WIP situation.


Thank you Guys !