I like it!

The smooth shadows are fast and responsice and great for the realtime sunstudy!
Great work guys!!!

Shadows are still messy with blocks so I have to explodeblock to avoid the shadows from going all over the place.


Here’s another bug:
I made a “physical sky” environment so I can have an auto updated skycolor that is driven by the sun, but it doesn’t show up in the rendered mode as I can’t assign the “use application settings” to the display mode, it jumbs back to “use render settings” and if i try to alter the rendersettings to use the environment as a “360 environment” then I get a big black 2D cirlce showing through the ground plane.

On my Win 10 dual Xeon + Quadro 4000 system the render display mode turns all geometry completely black, even after a reinstall of the WIP, anything I can do?

Same for me…When I switch to rendered mode, geometry is completely black. Even when I turn on the sun or other lights…

Is this a solid color, or some sort of gradient?

I’ve also made some test using HDRI environments + Sun light and it works pretty well too. Very happy with the WIP viewport rendering system :smile:

It’s very cool even for fast presentations or team meetings :slight_smile: