What command to create and evenly space 5 objects between an existing pair?

I have two objects, one is clone of the other and I need to evenly space another 5 formed from them between them, thus ending up with 7.
They are bricks, I know where the first course runs and the last, so I need to place the other 5 courses between them.

TweenObjects ?

ArrayTween ?

I cant see a way of doing this.




says unknown command.

I am V5, is that a v6 or v7 ?


As @morten1 mentions Distribute does this if it’s along the x, y or z-axis but I don’t think that’s a standard V5 command. Could be there’s a script that does this.
I also believe there’s somewhere a script from @gijs called ArrayBetween that might help out.

Yeah, Distribute didn’t exist in V5.

Draw a line from a point on the first object to the equivalent point on the second object. Delete the second object. Run _ArrayCrv to create seven objects along the line. Delete the line.

Yes, you can download from

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