Array confusion

I come to place screws at regular intervals between two I have placed, and wish this existed:-
Please is it at all possible to add to Array the ‘array between’ I could so do with., for objects.
It is the place for a simple addition,meanwhile its either nicks methods, or Nosorozec’s but both those links are dead ends.

we need:-
Command ArrayBetween

select start item
select end item
qty between

simples …squeeek !



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You replied to a 4 year old topic for a different version of Rhino.

I moved this to a new topic.

Hi, need to recall how to ArrayBetween where did you move this to John ?


Sorry, I still don’t understand what you’re after.

Perhaps a better description, a sketch, or something more descriptive to convey the problem you’re trying to solve, instead of your idea for a fix will get more responses.

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