Array along a surface ? Along 2 curves

Help with arraying a curve (BLACK) either along a surface or along 2 curves (RED) (the result should be the same). I would like to have 120 copies of the curve arrayed along the surface. Thanks

You’d better provide rhino model or GH file so that everyone can continue better

You might want to look at this post:

Of course, with 120 sections, you’re probably better off concocting a GH definition.

Rhino model

Array along curves or surface.3dm (369.6 KB)

What is the best way to pipe a steel i-section profile along a series of curves? Extrude and Sweep both give deformed objects after running. Thank you
it seems you have already asked the same thing before

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Array along curves or (104.9 KB)

Since you already have the surface in there, perhaps this GH definition might work for you… (7.2 KB)

another possible way (102.4 KB)

A non-Grasshopper method:

Array to create 121 parallel lines. (Length and spacing are not important.)
Plane to create a rectangular surface containing the parallel lines.
Delete one end line to prevent duplicate lines at the seam of the closed surface…
FlowAlongSrf the parallel lines with the rectangular surface as the base.

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or polar array and project the curves from the top view

Thank you all for the suggestions. i have it sorted out now

This was for piping a cross-section profile along the curves. I generated some curves manually initially. Thanks