Help arraying a curve along two curves

Hi! I’m modeling Lycee Schorge Secondary School by Francis Keré and my question is
How can I do this in Rhino:
I have 1 object to array along 2 curves.

Can I do this on Rhino or it will be necessary to do it on Grasshopper?


if it is for rendering I think it will be quicker and easier to use a texture rather than geometry.

Is not for rendering! I’m doing case studies for my thesis project!

Thanks for the answer

I’d do it in Grasshopper, dividing the two curves for instance by points and using those to make lines > pipes… you’ll need the same number of points on each.

Hello - Probably GH is the better way to go but in plain Rhino you could Loft the two curves, or Sweep2 a line and insert shapes to make the vary the isocurves then extract isocurves from the resulting object. That task would be simpler if you temporarily turn off crease splitting (CreaseSplitting command) to make the object a single surface - it might or might not shade correctly, but believe the wireframe and not the shading mesh and make sure to turn CreaseSplitting back on when you have the lines.


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Thanks for the answer! I will try to do

Hi Pascal! I will try to model in GH, thanks for the help!