What is the best way to pipe a steel i-section profile along a series of curves? Extrude and Sweep both give deformed objects after running. Thank you

upload your .gh file~

I made the curves manually. Here is the file

Steel sections piping.3dm (131.9 KB)

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Steel_sections_piping_re.gh (41.9 KB)

Thank you! I appreciate it a lot!

Pleae can you add descriptive texts to the elements of the definition for me so i can understand how it works? thank you very much once again for the help

Try harder! Working code should be enough.

Understood. Ill try and deconstruct it myself lol. Code works perfectly. Thank you

From a long programming career, “comments” in code to explain what’s going on are a sore spot for three reasons:

  1. When the code is well written and organized, it should be self-explanatory.
  2. When the code changes, the comments can easily become obsolete and misleading.
  3. It’s a lot of extra work.

Here is my attempt to deconstruct what is going on. Can’t say that I fully understood all bits (because the code doesn’t directly explain why this or that), but … anyway.

You can’t assume that everyone are experienced and think the same way as you are.

And comments can describe what problem is being dealt with, or be too detailed, which is the case on which I agree with you (the code itself should be the details, not the comments). After years, a code can be revisited, and if code intent is not documented its easy to break something. It’s not only “how” (=the code), it’s also what and why, and sometimes why not (some other way).

// Rolf

Steel_sections_piping_re_commented.gh (83.4 KB)

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Hello. Please changing the beam shape curves to a new set seems to break the code completely. Is there a way to make the gh definition work for any arbitrarily chosen beam shape curves (both shape and number) and beam profile (eg. i section, u section etc)? Thanks