Area Calculations Feature Request

I use the _Area command quite often and it works great but it is a little too simple. I would love to have a SelectUnit=in (mm, cm, m, in, ft, …) option afterwards.

Currently we model houses and buildings in inches but almost always want our area calculations in square feet. I know how to do the calculation from sq in to sq ft but it seems like an useful and straightforward addition to the area command.

What say you Rhino Developers?

Hello - Area has a Units setting at the command line - is that what you meant, or is there more to it?

! _Area _Units Foot


funny … if i have a closed crv selected and type Area into the command line it produces a sq in number.

But if nothing is selected it gives me the option to change the units. I just dont think I have ever run the command without having an object selected. So simple and I def feel a little dumb. Thank you @Pascal.