Area command?

Wondering, is there a command for sq ft area? e.g. If I sub-select a surface, a command to give me the area.

You either type “Area” in the command line, or all the Analysis commands are found under “Analysis” in the Tool Bar at the top of Rhino. The Area analysis is under “Analysis > Mass Properties > Area”.

The analysis results are given in the units that your file are set in… Imperial or Metric.
This is found under " Tools > Options > Units"

With the object (or subobjec) preselected, you will get the area by typing Area command reported in the current command units (by default, model units).
However, with nothing selected you can type "
-Area" (with hypen in front) - this way the command would let you change the reporting units, so you can switch that to feet. This sticks, so from now on even with preselection your area will be reported in ft.



Thanks. My units is set to inches, which works better for modeling. Is there a way I can have the area expressed in sq feet?

Hello- if you run Area with no pre-selection you’ll see command line options including one for units.