Area und volume units (preset)

Hi everyone,

is there a way to preset the units in Area and Volume commands for all rhino files? I mostly model in Centimeters, but i need the area units in meters. I know i can preset the units when i start the command first time in the drawing, but that means I have to preset it every time i open a new drawing and for area and volume separately.

any ideas?

Hi Jakub- you can trick Rhino by adding the command to your startup commands (Options > General page) and then exiting the command after setting the units:

_Volume _Units _Meter _Enter

The Enter there kills the command without a selection but the unit is set for when you run Volume again.

Any luck?


Pascal, as usual, you are correct. Works like a charm. Thank you.


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nice… I was curious if this solution was going to work out for you since I’m in a similar boat. model in inches but always need area in sqft and volume in cu.yds…
(I can’t try it out myself since I’m on mac and startup items aren’t implemented yet but this looks promising)

Dear Pascal,

The unit option for Volume and Area is great.

_Command: Volume
Select solids or solid meshes for volume calculation ( Units=Meter ):

It would be good to have this option also available for:

_Hydrostatics _Units _Meter _Enter
_VolumeMoments__Units _Meter _Enter


Did you ever get this figured out?

_Volume _Units _Yard _Enter

_Area _Units _Foot _Enter

Probably flogging a dead horse here, post from 2014 :smile:

-Volume Units=yard Enter

that’s in my startup macro.
(not exactly a startup macro since it’s not automatic but i have one macro that does a few things and i usually run it upon launching rhino)

I should right up one of those macros. I saw you mention it in another thread recently. Cheers!