Arbitrary cut plane height in layout

Is it possible to generate an additional plan view that has a different cut plane height compared to the level settings?

For more complex volumes, it’s sometimes handy to be able to generate two plan views from the same building level but at different heights, for example if there are windows that are placed higher up. I’ve been able to do this by making an additional in-between level, but in practice this is not working well with 2D representations of blocks. One solution is to generate Plan Views with temporarily changed cut plane heights, but I would rather prefer to work with real-time views in my layout. Any solutions for this?

Hi @studioselva,

Currently, it is not possible to have two different plan views at different elevations for the same level, at the same time.

If what you want is just to show a window that is higher than the cut plane, you can just change its “Plan Cut Elevation”, which is an override for this particular window on its plan views:

You can specify the exact elevation of the cut plane for this window, or just chose “Middle”, and the window will be cut at the mid-height.

We have plans to add sub-levels in a future VisualARQ version, which will allow having different plan views for the same level.



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Thanks for this great tip Enric. I guess that is a good solution in certain cases, but my design is more complex so I will instead generate a plan view with a temporarily set cut plane height. It’s not optimal but at least I can show cantilevering parts. Sub-levels sounds like a nice addition by the way!