Applying Grasshopper Geometry to Surface

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I’m new to Grasshopper, but not Rhino and I would like to understand how to apply geometry created in grasshopper to other surfaces (i.e. Spheres, cylinders, planes) .

Below I have attached a script and part of it is from here: 3D panel Texture. I’ve been trying to apply this texture to a cylinder (grouped components). The grouped components is my attempt at getting the grasshopper texture to apply to the cylinder, but after following several tutorials I can’t seem to get the texture to appear the same. Is this the correct way to go about this?


3D panel Texture on Surface (19.9 KB)
Applying Geometry to Surface Test.3dm (1.0 MB)

Just the same as Rhino, go with FlowonSurface so you need a start Srf as reference

Hello Petrol -

I tried what you suggested and came across the component pictured. Is this the correct one? I’m able to use ‘FlowAlongSurface’ in Rhino just fine see attached.

Flow not refit
Just double clic in canvas and type flow

I typed ‘flow’ in the search and I get Show, Flip, Floor, Load, Clock, Fillet, Closed, etc. Not the same as typing flow in the search for Rhino. In rhino its the first option FLowAlongSurface.

Type “sporf” or"morph"
You can find them under Transform shelf

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Petrol -

Thanks for the help! I think I’m going to try something simple in grasshopper first before I get to something like this. As for this it’s way harder than I anticipated based off the logic I was thinking from Rhino. But again thanks for the help!

FlowAlongSurface is called Sporph in Grasshopper. In fact, typing Sporph in Rhino will run the FlowAlongSurface command. It is just another name for it.

Is there something i’m missing here? Is Sporph a new component for Rhino 6/7?

It exists in Rhino 6 / GH 1.0 in Transform > Morph Tab

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