Polysurface flow along surface

Hi folks, I’m new on grasshopper and I need a help.
I want to apply a polysurface on a surface.

This is my results without grasshopper, but I want to try with it.

Can you help me with right command on grasshopper?

There are many ways to achieve this in Grasshopper. I would probably divide the surface into a quad mesh and then use Weaverbird to stellate each mesh face.

21_03_24_surface_mesh_stellate.gh (14.6 KB)

Hi Andy -

In the Rhino 8 WIP, you could try the MorphToMesh component.

More info:


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Thank you guys!

Which command is this?

This is Stellate from the Weaverbrid plugin.

Download and install with Package Manager.

Ty. I’m do it.

But if I want to generate the pyramids with surface instead of mesh?

Check this file, I added an option to generate the pyramids with surfaces:

21_03_24_surface_extrude_point.gh (22.8 KB)

Hey @Andy_79,

The Grasshopper equivalent to Rhino’s FlowAlongSrf is the Sporph component.

– Dale