Applying color to Visualarq objects

Hello all. I have imported an Revit IFC file to rhino for rendering purpose and I wanted to know is there a way to apply colors on individual surface of VA wall, roof, doors etc? When I am trying to apply color, the whole VA objects are getting colored. Kindly help!

Hi @asisintel,

It is not possible to apply a material to a single surface yet, I will let you know when this feature is ready. What you can do is apply a material to just one style component. Here you have some more information about it:

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Thanks for the info @alfmelbev. Its sad that a tool having so much capabilities, still lacks basic features!

Do you know if this be available in VA3?

Hi @GusMahoney,

I don’t think it will be available for VA3 but I’ll let you know when it is ready.