Visualarq materials

hi all,
this is a question about visualarq that i will ask to visualarq te
am also of course. but maybe here someone can help me anyway.
when i set a material in a visualarq component i can see only the material i create in visualarq panel without the rhino materials that i create before directly from rhino.
thank you, regards,

Hi Roy,
Can you provide a screenshot from where you are trying to assign materials?

i send you two screenshots
first i’ve created one material in rhino applied to one cube. then i try to crate a wall style using this material applied to a wall layer in visualarq but i can’t find my rhino material. in the second screenshot i show that also if i enter inside “Edit” command i find only the default material without my rhino material previously created.

Hi Roy,
I haven’t received the screenshots. Where and how did you send them?

I have similar question. I have already prepared materials in Rhino. How can I load them in visualarq? as you will see from the screenshot there is an inactive buttons?

Hi Simeon, the Select Material dialog doesn’t let you select materials of some render engines, like the Rhino Render. We are studying how to fix this. As a workaround you can set the styles (and their components) to specific layers, assign the material “By Layer”, and then assign the Rhino materials to the layer where the styles are located.