Wish: materials in visualarq

Is there any way to place a material only on one face of a visualarq wall or slab

In Rhino you’d use sub-object selection by holding ctrlshift while clicking on the face you want selected. Then assing a material to selection.

Does that not work with VArq objects?

Hi @miguelayora3,

VisualARQ objects does not support per-face materials. You can create a zero-thickness wall-layer to simulate the paint-finish layer.



If I have for e.g. 2 walls they have the same style, but the painted layer is different, is it possible to assign different painted color or I have to create 2 different walls style?

If you leave the materials of the wall layers “by Parent” you can assign the material directly to the wall object. So 2 walls with the same style can show up with different materials.