Vray mat mapping

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to render a VA model, after assigning the material from the wall style, but the map size doesn’t change when I modify the box mapping…

Any suggestion?


Hi @arkfavero,
The display of texture mappings on VisualARQ objects doesn’t work well due to a Rhino issue related to texture mappings applied to blocks (and VisualARQ objects are actually blocks). However, if you shot a render, the result should look fine. We have already reported this issue to McNeel development team.
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I found a way to partially solve the probem.

Simply change the u and v repeat number to adapt the size of the texture from V-Ray texture editor.

Obviously for all the textures of each material.

@arkfavero this issue has been fixed in VisualARQ 2. The materials on VisualARQ objects need to be assigned by style, to make the Rendered display work properly.