Applycurvepiping texture mapping

What is the arrangement…if any…of texture coordinates on a curvePiping pipe?

By default, it looks like U is the length of the curve and V is the tiling around the circumference. You can change the mapping as well in Object Props. What’s the issue you’re running into?

Well I’m trying to replace pipe objects(with a pattern mapped based on UV, opposite directions to ApplyCurvePiping’s default) with piped curves, not getting any visible texture, nothing correct anyway.

Are you not seeing the texture in the material once applied to the piped curves? Post a screenshot if you can please. Also, Is there any chance I can see one of the curves as well as the material (with textures of course)?

Update for anyone reading this,

Jim sent over a file and the issue ended up being that the curve pipes had a ‘by surface’ mapping which I think should do something but doesn’t and I’ll file it as a bug now ( The quick fix was to delete the mapping and toggle the curve piping off and on. The material texture map then displays.

Okay thanks, for this to work with piped curves I need to be able to scale the mapping per-object(I have a script to figure out the correct proportions.)