Trouble with texture mapping a curved cylinder / rope

Hi, I am unable to get the rope texture wrapped around this shape the way I want and was hoping I could get some help on how to best get the result I want which is to make his appear to be twisted rope. I will eventually want to try and bump map to get a more realistic effect but will start with the proper alignment of the rope texture. I have tried to use cylindrical mapping around a curve but must not be understanding the tool as I do get the results I am wanting. I am including the image of what I am trying to do as well as the texture used and the desired effect as well a link to the curved pipe. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Solved here:

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This is how I’d go about setting up a material and displacement for rope. You can also extract the render mesh if you want to render in any plugin that doesn’t use the Rhino render mesh displacement property.

Rope.3dm (1.1 MB)


@BrianJ Nice little tutorial. This let me have an idea and I tested curve piping. I’m glad to see that the piped curve can be direct textured, the pipe provide proper UV, also the round ends looks great. :slight_smile:
Only one wish - could displacement be Rhino enabled for piped curves too please?

Interesting idea @Micha… if you use ExtractPipedCurve you can get that curve piping render mesh now to experiment with displacement on it. It works but the issue is the mapping at bends, in my curves it’s more noticeable.

I think if displacement could be hooked up for curves as well if they used a piping property, we’d need to check on how these UV’s are getting created for that mesh. I filed

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I’d assume one can also apply a PBR material with displacement map on.

Just make your custom render mesh density high.

Yes, my mistake @nathanletwory, could have sworn I tried the displacement in the PBR but now it is working well and using the custom object render mesh. Good idea.

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I’m using V-Ray and Rhino displacement for piped curve would be fine for me.

This will be fixed in SR3

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