UV Mapping a Pipe

Hello. I am relatively new to UV Mapping in Rhino. I am using Rhino 6 for Mac. I was hoping that UV mapping to a pipe would be simple, but I am surely missing something. My intent is to map an image of the markings on wire insulation (i.e., 18 AWG et al) onto a curve pipe. The text should run straight along the insulation as the below real-world example…


Here is a screenshot of how far I got, and the Rhino 6 for Mac file and the texture are attached. I used UV Mapping and adjusted the XYZ size to match the decal texture. I can’t seem to get the decal to run along the insulation and follow the curve of the pipe.

Wire.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hover just above this text to highlight and download the texture.


have you and example of what are you getting and/or what do you want?

Yes, apologies - I posted before adding the attachments. They are added now.

I think you don’t need to unwrap the pipe. just select the UV mapping instead of box or cilindrical mapping.

Thank you. Unwrap is only one technique I tried. The image in the OP is just UV mapping.

I was wrong, use the unwrap tool but aply a surface mapping after. then you can adjust the rectangular mesh:

Ah!! Thanks, I’ll give this a try.

When I unwrap the pipe in my model, then open UVEditor, my mesh is quite odd. Would you mind sharing your work flow in a bit more detail?

after that just apply the surface mapping

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Diego -

Thanks for your help. I did manage to get the mapping right after a while, using your very helpful video. Finished render is attached. Thanks again!