Rhino crashed and cant recover model - please help

Hi all,

I am my wits end, I was doing a helix and all of a sudden Rhino shutdown.
I have searched everywhere there is no rhino crash file, no 3dmbak, no autosave nothing…when I search C: for the file it comes up in the search but says the file doesn’t exist and instead of a rhino icon it has a internet globe icon, please tell me if there is any other way to recover this file, otherwise I have lost an entire days work…
Please help?

Thanks so much in advance,

Hi Adele - one thing you might try, to reassociate 3dm files with Rhino is to run the installer again and Repair the installation-

In the Windows control panel > Programs and features, find Rhinoceros, right-click and choose Change or Repair.


Thanks Pascal, is this the same for windows 10?

Hi Adele - Windows 10, here at least, shows, in the control panel shows


for V5, and


for V6 - is that what you mean?


Hi Pascal,
Apologies I was looking in the wrong place, found it and am trying it now. I doesn’t want to repair this is what comes up on the screen…

Hi Adele - see


See if that helps…


Ok thanks Pascal, will take a look.

Pascal, if you are ever in Vancouver, BC I OWE you the biggest coffee EVER! You saved my skin today THANK YOU !!!

OK! I’ll find you! - I’m glad it works.

(I like how the accepted currency on this forum is kind of vacillates between coffee and beer.)


Thanks again !