Best format for creating backups?

I had a model last night that was spending 15-20 mins by going from wireframe to shaded, im using the new version V7 latest update, I did update the graphics driver through this fault finding. I used selbadobjects and extractbadsrf which didn’t show anything on the affected model. Managed to find the surface by deleting a few sections off the model, then deleting the layer that they were on. At the time i had extracted a selection of surfaces then started to edit so the original model wasnt ruined.

I then asked myself if the surface was in the main model how was a going to restore the backup if i couldn’t find the affected surfaces / objects?

At the moment i’m backing up sections of the model in layers. I cleared the above error by deleting a layer that i had set for Edit. I suppose i could have hidden each layer to narrow down the badsurface / extractbadsrf which wasnt showing up on the command.

Is this the preferred method of backup, copying sections of model to layers? or copying the whole document as a duplicate? I could then delete the duplicates as i go along. Seems a bit of a faff.

Anyone go any good backup methods ?

Hi -
I frequently use the IncrementalSave command and delete “old” geometry in the current file. That way, the current file is as light as possible and you can always go back to a previous version if that were to be necessary.

IncrementalSave is a good idea, except for Rhino changing the “current” file (!).

Rhino should stay on the original file(name) after saving, and only “append” new safe-copies, like so:

MyFileName.3dm      <- Stay on original file
MyFileName 000.3dm
MyFileName 001.3dm
MyFileName 002.3dm
MyFileName 003.3dm
MyFileName 004.3dm  <- Append new safe-copies

GrassHopper got this bit right (works with git)

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I will give that a try

@RIL - see if you get this command to work for you -


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// Rolf

I append my file names with two or three digits. I periodically Save while working, and after a significant amount of work I Save, then SaveAs and increment the file name. Then when I can backup when I discover a mistake or flawed modeling method. Also I use Worksession with reference geometry in a separate file which does not need to be saved and backed up since it does not change.

SaveAs Boat001
SaveAs Boat002
SaveAs Boat011
SaveAs Boat012
SaveAs Boat101
and so forth.

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Yes it works and appends _001 to the last incremental save. It’s not in the cmd list though? Works good :+1:

Thanks very helpful. I think you just need to have an organised routine . To easy to loose focus and get carried away. Routine is the key I think . Thanks for you input

I know I’m being picky, but these are not backups: they are copies or snapshots. A backup is a copy made from your machine to another environment, ideally in a remote location, so that should your hard disk die, your laptop be stolen, your premises burn down, etc, you can recover your work to within a short space of time before the disaster.

I only make the point as I don’t want people thinking that because they’ve done an incremental save, they can tick the “backup taken” box.


As long as it saves my work I’m fine with incremental. All files are then copied to a server automatically .