Any way to forward the benefit of ANTIALIASING enjoyed in the on-screen image to the individual Animation Frame Images BO-2?

Any way to forward the benefit of ANTIALIASING enjoyed in the on-screen image to the individual Animation Frame Images BO-2 ?

I used to use with INCREDIBLE success - the Rendered Viewport to run my Machinery process animations. There I had the benefit of Antialiasing along with a PERFECTLY USEABLE (re: GORGEOUS) on-screen result captured to the images I’d compile to my Animations.

I DO NOT live inside Bongo, as it represents my (preferred) vehicle for only about a quarter of my Deliverable Product. However, when I DO need it, I REALLY NEED IT ;=) !

Right now I’m running BO-2 MOST PREVIOUS release, and RH-5, both rolled back to their pre-final update (most recently made available). I look forward to trying AGAIN to make the migration to _CURRENT RH-5/6-BO-2, but until they get a couple of IMPORTANT on-screen presentation speed-bumps ironed out, we’re staying - for NOW - at RH-5/BO-2.

Machine: I7-3.4/4.4Ghz, 24Gb RAM, NVIDEA GTX1060/6, 1TB SSD Primary.

Loss of ANTIALIASING as described here is my KEY stumbling block right now, so ANY meaningful help would be greatly appreciated -



Are you saying that factory-default Rendered display mode in Rhino 6 is not antialiased on your system?
Please post the result of the Rhino 6 SystemInfo command here.

No, I’m saying that the result that gets written out isn’t antialiased. With this help, go back and re-read the question. The first line of the question covers it.

Thanks -


As Wim said it would help us if you can post the info from SystemInfo in your v6 here. It’ll tell us about the specs on your machine, even if you’re using Rhino 5…

Can you please post a result of the bad antialiasing you’re seeing?

Marika -
I’ve listed the specs elsewhere, including on the home BONGO page in a couple of questions there and in some emails I asked to be forwarded, but here goes again -

12Gb RAM

as opposed to on-screen AntiAliasing and as in previous animations (examples below … ) -

Another example of what I USED to be able to work with -
(RH-4/5 BO-1/2) -
This one ACTUALLY happened RIGHT AT the cusp of upgrading from RH-4/BO-1 to RH-5/BO-2 !
GORGEOUS results in BOTH (Rh-4 & 5). Please note ESPECIALLY - the EXCELLENT Lighting control (!) something I’m struggling with RH-5/6 Developers, right now.

and -

There are more examples I can share, but I think THIS gets the idea across.

I’m HAPPY (re: EAGER) to send along WHATEVER info I can to help diagnose the problem. I CAN send along the RH-6 “Specs” as requested above - What’s the command ? -AND- is there something that corresponds in RH-5 ?

Its LIKELY a group or combination of of “settings” dropped as we downloaded and ran the LATEST “improvement” releases to RH-5/BO-2 combo.

HAPPY to help and HAPPY to share WHATEVER I learn with ANYONE interested - THANKS !

Marika -
Good to “hear” from you - I hope this finds you AND the family well !

I sincerely LOVE some of the latest improvements in BO-2, ESPECIALLY “Group” handling !

Thanks again -

How are you rendering the animations, is is a Rhino Render operation or a viewport capture? That’s still not really clear. There is a workaround of course, just capture the frames bigger and then scale it down.

Jim -

Hi !
THANKS for trying, but no I’ve ONLY used VIEWPORT Mode with my Viewport set to RENDERED mode, with all results - WITH ANTIALIASING (including shadows … ) - as pictured here.

Thanks again -


Hi @cfee,

I just put in a fix which should make decal texture quality much better. Unfortunately, there’s still going to be some jaggies on the border of the decal. This fix will probably be visible in a few weeks in the upcoming release candidate.

I’m not really sure why the jaggies on the shadow are that bad on your first picture. Are you sure Anti-aliasing is on? How did you capture the image? Did you use Bongo to render the frame, or ViewCaptureToFile? Maybe you used Snipping tool in Windows 10?


David -

Hi !

Thanks for your quick response !

To answer your question - YES I have AntiAliasing turned on ( :=/ :=(( ) !

I’m going to hold off the substantive portion of my response for the answer to THIS question (THEN I’ll know how to move forward). Thanks again for your quick reply :

Q: Did you realize (when formulating your reply) that the image you had referred to was the EXTRACTED image Rendered by BONGO as a frame in the animation ?

EACH of the images I included in my last post on this thread was such a frame, including the one with the “jagged edges”, the SALIENT point being: SUDDENLY my BONGO-2 drops NON-AntiAliased frames out to render ANIMATIONS.
This has NOTHING to do with jagged edges on decals ( :=/ ) . This however has EVERYTHING to do with AntiAliased frames getting rendered out (or NOT ) by CURRENT releases of BONGO-2/LATEST ( :=/ ) RH-5 .

I can’t be ANY clearer than this. SO I’m waiting for your answer to THIS LATEST Question to know how to proceed with the thread.

Just a quick note, remember the emphasis on OLD video-card replacement ? After some STRONG dollar-drop to DEAL with the SIGNIFICANT SHORTCOMINGS of RAYTRACED replacing NEON in RH-6 ( :=(( ) , we NOW deal with a SIGNIFICANT LOSS of QUALITY due to AntiAliasing problems in Rendered Bongo animations. I’ve been forced AGAIN to drop back to RH-5. Imagine my CHAGRIN to discover that the REQUIRED BO-2 update to run with RH-6 required a corresponding update to my RH-5 ( :=(( ) just to RUN . The effect we’re noting manifested AT the updated RH-5 “improvement” download.

I had an OLD GTX-550-ti and got ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS RESULTS (the last 2 of of the 4 frames provided) with ZERO-POINT-ZERO seconds delay per rendered frame, due to IMAGE CONTENT. ALL delay was due SPECIFICALLY to computing Animated component transformations, which were the specific targeted intent of the animations anyway. Specifically, I could render GORGEOUS animations by LUNCH that would take YOU 'til Friday. Seriously. the last 2 of the other 3 of the examples above are from just such animations, EVERY SINGLE ONE of them “Proof-Runs” offered to and accepted by the client to reduce THEIR cost, as a NEAR PERFECT COMBINATION of speed-to-delivery and QUALITY of the resulting product ! THIS is why my question REMAINS, and why this is SO important for me to run to ground.

Just to be clear - Again my question:

Q: Did you realize (when formulating your reply) that the image you had referred to was the EXTRACTED image Rendered by BONGO as a frame in the animation ?

Thanks again -


Hi @cfee,

To me it looks like the first image you posted is Rendered mode. The three subsequent images look like RhinoRender.

Could you do the following for me @cfee? Please render the first image again using both versions of Bongo (the working old version, and the not-working new version), but this time make sure Skylight is enabled in both cases (see Rendering panel). This should help me identify how these images were generated.

I’m assuming you’re using “Target Renderer: Viewport Display” in both cases, and the viewport display mode is set to Rendered.

Last but not least - if you could send us the model then we could test it on our end.


David -

Thanks for trying. No, intended Display mode is RENDERED VIEWPORT Mode with NO additional Renderer.

Formerly, the RENDERED Viewport mode dropped out an ANTIALIASED image when BONGO would capture a slide and drop it to a frame for later compiling. It NOW ignores ANTIALIASED settings all together, even tho I am STILL using OPENGL.

This IS A CHANGE in behavior I want to revert to the PRIOR Behavior.

Because by selecting Rendered Viewport Mode, I could get out a READY to present for approval Animation by LUNCH that YOU would have to tell your client you MIGHT have to them by Friday, IF you were lucky, and had NO restarts because of something ONLY revealed when the animation was compiled.

Competition: By Friday of THIS week OR NEXT.

SEE why Rendered Viewport Mode is SO IMPORTANT? Animations I’ve produced THIS way have made MAJOR Board of Directors’ Meetings and O-T-C Presentations by Multi-MILLION Dollar corporations, HAVING NEVER “RENDERED” A single FRAME, even in Native RHINO Render, MUCH LESS any commercial Add-on.

Ready by LUNCH ? SERIOUSLY ? - I got the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference - Houston, Tx.) call at 9:am. I had the Animation Run , compiled and Music track added and DOWNTOWN - I drove it MYSELF - by 1: PM, Presentation was slated for 1:30, immediately after audience return from Lunch.

The Presenter (Versabar/Chevron) PERSONALLY handed me a copy of HIS magazine article published to accompany his presentation, as a thank you.


Thanks -


Okay thanks for finally answering that question. You’re still not giving anyone enough information to actually help you, it should obvious this is not happening to everyone. Are your drivers up to date? Can you send a file? That’s far more important than a narrative of why you like some feature, it’s not like it’s been deliberately removed.

@cfee - Can you please provide the following for David:

  1. Your model. You can send it through here: Directly to David.
  2. The technical details of your machine. You can easily get the info by opening up Rhino 6 and go to Help > System Information. Either copy paste the text into this thread or save and send the file directly to

Yeah, SORRY for the delay - been busy !

Help me out, so I can know what to send you -
Do you know the difference between an internal or external system setting? Said another way, do you know the difference between a setting inside the model that controls the model I’d send, vs a setting in RHINO/BONGO I’m running it in? AND- Is the System (RH/BO) setting stored INSIDE the MODEL file ?
Seems a reasonable question, as the MODEL file won’t reveal the problem unless RH/BO system settings are also stored internal to the model file itself, for instance OpenGL settings, or whatever might result in the ACTUAL behavior described.

If you REALLY think the model will help, I’m happy to share it, I just need to know whether its the model or a RHINO/BONGO system-setting file that would help you the most.

I’m not being intentionally short or dismissal, I really don’t know how to answer your request, as there has NEVER been an instance where providing the Model has resulted in a workable answer when the problem turned out to be a system (RHINO/BONGO) related issue.

A possibly relevant side-point (“CLUE”) :
Until recently, I was running an older NV_GTX-550ti/1Gb and with their (then older) Opengl implementation, was getting the EXACT desired result. It was THAT card I ran the above described Presentation on, and had it Rendered, Compiled and DELIVERED (WITH music track) in just over 4 hours. The results were stunning, and the recipient well pleased. Won a HUGE amount of follow-on business for my Client, but I digress … .
Because of an attempt to migrate forward to RH-6, I was forced to deal with the “Improvements” to the RHINO replacement of Rendered-Viewport/NEON with “RAYTRACED” and the resultant side effect of all of that on the Rendered Viewport visual mode. Only RECOMMENDATION available was to upgrade the video card, which I DID ( NV_GTX-1060/6Gb LATEST Drivers - 1660 NOT selected because of some other compatibility issues w/RH ).
Result ? IFFY, low-quality results including HUGE amounts of Cycles-induced NOISE when “Shadows” were enabled WITH the associated Shadows slow-downs, and an UTTERLY unacceptable loss of PRODUCTIVITY when FORCED to move from APPROXIMATELY Zero-point-ZERO seconds per BONGO frame (RH Rendered Viewport mode) to 3+ MINUTES/Frame (RH-6 RAYTRACED) putting me SQUARELY back into the middle of the pack when it comes to delivery timeline and WAY BACK of the pack when it comes to Output Product QUALITY.
PROBABLE side-effect: a NEWER implementation of Opengl which MAY have taken away the Antialiased on-screen image that RH/BO USED to drop to the animation frames and replaced that with standard frame-buffer (non-antialiased) frames. Conclusion: This MAY NOT be a RH/BO issue, but RATHER might be a forced-migration related issue.

Next step- Please re-read my initial question, don’t focus on the anecdote provided ONLY as explanation for why this is SO important to my WFP, and then let me know what you REALLY think might BEST help you help ? Thanks !

Sincerely : GRATEFUL for ANY help you might offer -


I have been trying to reproduce something like you see, but from what I see v5 consistently performs even worse than v6.

Top is v6, bottom is v5

Granted v6 looks pretty horrible too, but it is much better than v5.

Please do share a model if you think it has to do with that, otherwise we’ll just have to guess.

I have created a YT issue for the poor quality issues:

Yeah, I JUST (yesterday) got through dealing with John Brock, whose FIRST reply to my PLEAS for HELP - THIS time around (6th or 8th try …) I was told SERIOUSLY : "… to hit OK when closing out the dialog box to save changes … " SERIOUSLY ?!? (I have the email.)

Ok, we went back and forth for a few days, me AAGGAAIINN detailing for the ump-teenth time my system configuration, sending sample models and the WHOLE FRKN NIGHTMARE, only to FINALLY gat an admission that they "… have disabled OpenGL supported Antialiasing support in RH-5 and have no plans to re-engage it, as they no longer support RH-5 " (wait - I’m GOING somewhere with this RH-5 thing … ) and that they consider THEM having DISABLED this CRUCIAL FEATURE as a Bug. A FRKN BUG ! (I have the email). Apparently this extends to RH-6 TOO ?!?

Upon subsequent conversation on the subject, I made it CLEAR that this was a GENUINE issue, and he let slip that he "really felt the solutions they implemented in -6 should be the preferred approach, me NOTING here that HE previously had specifically DENIED any subsequent “UPDATES” to RH-5 once RH-6 was released, EVEN AFTER I pointed out THAT couldn’t be right because I SPECIFICALLY responded YES to the question did I want to update (I WAS IN 5 AT THE TIME) since an "Update is(was) available …? " starting the whole problem process we’re now trapped in dealing with.

NOW we learn that at SOME point, presumably NOT in an update he SAYS never occurred, THIS FUNCTION WAS DISABLED. Now, based on YOUR findings this SEEMS to extend to RH-6 as well ?

ONLY POSSIBLE conclusion - THEY are INTENT on moving us to “Raytraced”, whether we can afford it or NOT (TIME more than $$, as I’ve ALREADY sprung for the $300 for Raytraced, with only MARGINAL results - I CAN give details - I’ve kept ALL my notes … ), even tho Rendered Viewport USED to be PERFECTLY SERVICEABLE (and OFTEN GORGEOUS - which MAY actually have been the problem … ), and in MANY ways FAR SUPERIOR to ANYTHING put forth in any attempt to replace it ( I EVEN tried “Flamingo” - $$$ and was APPALLED at the time it took for ONE marginal render … ) .

So, using some OTHER tricks I’ve tried in the past, and NOW having problems with THEM too, I was even re-considering trying to migrate forward to -6 AGAIN for now the 8th time (I’ve got the license, but "Raytraced keeps interfering with EVERYTHING visual … ), I see based on YOUR response here that even THAT seems a no-go ?

SO SORRY for your trouble, bud and SINCERELY - THANKS for trying !

SERIOUSLY don’t know what my NEXT steps will be, except to tell my CLIENT that instead of getting the first check-run (beautiful, and OFTEN equal to or surpassing their expectations OR NEEDS … ) of my animation by “…noon TOMORROW …” (if we are talking 8:am Monday morning, NOON Tuesday !!!), they will have to wait for a MARGINAL result until well toward the END OF THE WEEK, and LIKELY well into NEXT week . Seriously- I keep ALL notes …

If you or ANYONE comes up with ANYTHING - PLEASE SHARE ? Suddenly I’m NOW having problems with the BONGO-2 Video Compiler, standard Windows output NO LONGER playing on standard Windows Media Player - the medium I circulate ALL of my output to clients in, because for the last 18 years ANY client could play an animation on ANY system, ESPECIALLY a windows one, with NO ADDITIONAL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS. I’ve put up a CODEC-where-to question here on another thread . It MAY be a max-resolution issue, we’ll have to see.

Maybe SOMEONE will be able to offer some usable insight ?

Thanks again for trying,
and -
ALL the VERY BEST to you and yours, from Texas - C.

David -

According to John Brock, AA has been DISABLED for RH-5, and according to another thread I’m following on a similar subject, apparently RH-6 is affected as well. Looks like we’re forced to Raytraced, but apparently tHAT’s still SLOW, and from the images MOST RECENTLY posted, the NOISE problem is EVEN WORSE without MOUNTAINS of detailed internal surgery, resulting in only MARGINAL improvements. Oh well, RH NATIVE Visuals USED to be the VERY BEST . Now they’re becoming functionally unusable without HUGE wait times for SOMEONE’S need for UBER-CRITICAL CYCLES-Photo-accuracy …

Thanks -


Umm, I clearly have AA in V5, viewports or captures. What are you talking about?

Hi @cfee,

Anti-aliasing should work in v5 - it certainly does for me.

Could you type _SystemInfo into Rhino 6 and paste the results here?