Tip: antialiasing enhancement Rhino 6 wip

(NVidia GeForce 960 gtx video drivers updated to the latest version) Rhino 6 antialiasing quality does not differ much from Rhino 5,
Even by setting the antialiasing to 8x (at most), you can see the horrible line scaling (Moi 3D does much better!).
The vision is not very clean. You should do better, in my opinion.
If you compare a 8x antialiasing between Rhino 5 and 6 no difference! I hope that in the final version there will be an overall visualization optimization.

Are you referring to curves, points, shaded meshes, text…? All of these or one specific geometry type?

Curves, in particular, in general all curved lines.
I could see little quality difference compared to Rhino 5 … even Moi3D works better, all curves, lines, are sharper and finished in the display.
If possible, doing better, it would be a real disaster for the final version of Rhino 6.

I have a GeForce GTX 960M/PCIe/SSE2. The antialiasing is perfect for me in the latest WIP version.

The Quadro K2000 on a Dell T5600 shows a distracting deterioration in line quality. These screenshots are both x4 anti-aliasing with line weight set at 1 pixel.
The driver was updated a few days ago to see if there is an improvement, no change.
The V6 linework is blacker, which is nice, but is also heavier so the crispness is lost where the gap between curves is close.

Click to see the difference

V6 WIP with Radeon HD7970, no AA looks horrible too:


Vittorio, guys,
say that the antialiasing in Rhino 6 wip is perfect is an exaggeration, you should look at the appearance of the lines in Moi3D, I would not say stupidity, but I think it’s better. From Rhino 6 you should expect a better quality compared to the previous version, but little, little better.
Even quotation lines appear hacked, for example, the arrows of dimension, I mean…
In my opinion, something more could be done, as much as possible.
If you feel that everything is perfect and beautiful to see then we close the speech, useless to continue, I would not be the only one who affirms this.

I have a regular license and the result is in the attached files .

Results are going to vary from card to card based on the current AA technique used for curves (relying on the driver AA). Thickness of the curve also comes into play for AA. One pixel thick lines are much harder to AA correctly than thicker lines.

Our priority for display in V6 is:

  1. Stability: make the display work on as many graphic cards as possible with varying levels of capability
  2. Performance: Make the display as fast as possible. This is especially important as models are getting larger and larger all of the time.
  3. Quality: Effects like proper antialiasing of curves will be implemented, but we want to make sure Rhino displays everywhere and is performant first. Antialiasing of curves will come at a cost to performance so we need to make sure either Rhino is really fast first or have proper fallbacks in place when the display is having trouble keeping up due to the size of a model.

Right now, the stability appears to be getting pretty good for V6 and we are looking into performance improvements.

I continue to argue that the quality of the antialiasing is not the best.
(Ultima wip)
The lines appear to be unclear (true, I set lines to 1 pixel thick, it’s little, but even two-pixel the result is not the maximum).
The image quality should, today as it is today, be at the highest levels (little difference between an antialiasing set to 4x and one to 8x).
Can you do better sooner or have we reached the maximum?
Now the video cards are powerful enough to handle everything …