Any way of snapping to a half grid box occasionally?

I have a 1mm grid I am using but occasionally need to snap to a half millimetre on that grid, is there a way of holding down a key combo or something to get a temporary half snap ?

I dont want to make it a 0.5mm grid as thats going to see me with snaps not whole mm when working.


There is a “Between” snap in the snap bar if you hold the CTRL key down.

Hi, held control, clicked on ‘between’, it doesnt stay down indicating selected, tried it anyway but grid still only 1mm snapping. then tried again clicking on another there using ctrl to see if they do stay down and now the ctrl osnaps have all greyed out, cant get them back.

help !


It works ok here.
Using Version 5 SR13
Start the line(or whatever) command.
Hold the CTRL key down and click on “between”.
Click on the grid points that you want to go between.
That should put your point in-between the grid points selected.
The snaps here only stay greyed out while I have the CTRL key down…