Rhino 6 - Snap Between

Snap “between” not showing in Rhino 6. Used this quite often in Rhino 5. Have looked to see if in preferences and searched forum - but no joy. Am I missing something?

It works on my computer. I hold down Shift key and hover the cursor over the osnap tool bar.

in v5 it was ctrl and hover, now in v6 its shift and hover and its not in the same order in the list

Thanks for that. Works for me too. Intersting - in my Rhino 5 I have to hold down Ctrl key - didn’t occur to me to try others! Shift in my Rhino 5 permits temporary select a particular snap for next operation.

This was moved to Shift, if I remember right, so that both Shift and Ctrl could have matching numbers of checkboxes (needed for the UI to work, again, if I remember right) with Percent added in V6 …