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In Rhino 5 when holding CTL over the Osnap comands you have the options to snap objects in several different ways one of them being “between”. In Rhino 6 you can use the came CTL comand and similar options pop up, but the “Between” option is missing. Is there any way where I can turn this option back on?

Thank you

Use Shift for Between. There are so many options that now both Shift and Ctrl are used (when hovering over the Osnap panel) to expose the “one-shots”…

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Could someone show how these CTRL/Shift snaps work with/in a command?

Hello - try Between when the Move command is asking for a point to move ‘to’. You’ll see what that does.


Pardon my idiocy, but I tried that. Didn’t work. How does it determine the points to find the between? Is there a visual example somewhere?

It’s the mid point between the two points you click once you have activated the Between Osnap…
The online help topic with mini video

Is there a way to move an object between two points with a percentage of the distance that separates them? Example:

For such situations I have to run the “Divide” command and use the resulting points as a guide. But it’s slow (especially if you want to move by something like 62%) and requires deletion of points afterwards.

Hello - only on a curve - ‘Percentage’ osnap.



Thanks! Sounds like this is more convenient than “Divide”. But where is the “Percentage” osnap?

hold down Shift.

note: it’d be useful if percentage snap worked w BlandCrv


Got it! Thanks for the tip!