Any Symmetry Plugin for Rhino?

Hey, using symmetrymill, which is ok, but wished there would be an symmetry option x,y,z in Rhino like in Modo. Does anyone have any workflow?

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I’m not aware of any, some options are making a block and then repeat/mirror that block as you please to replicate the tiles. Then double-clicking on the block to do a BlockEdit will allow you to make any modeling changes and once you exit you can see them propagated, but it’s not realtime: like I’m doing here:

only after I finish the block edit and close the dialog box the updates propagate:

You can also setup your symmetry scheme in grasshopper with a combination of mirror outputs that look into one layer of geometry as its input. In that case you want to use the geometry pipeline definition.

This is also not realtime either but a lot more dynamic that the BlockEdit approach. You have to commit a change/addition of geometry before you can see it propagated. As you can see here where in the middle of gumball the other instances do not update until the transform is done:

Another limitation is that the size/location of the mirror planes for symmetry is fixed. I think with some thinking maybe someone here can come up with a way to make dynamic symmetry tiles.

Files are attached:
symmetry_blockedit_approach.3dm (209.1 KB)
symmetry_GH_approach.3dm (158.0 KB) (4.7 KB)

I method I’ve used is to mirror an object with history recording turned on. Then a change in the original object is also made in the mirrored object


@ajohnblack John you’ve made my day, I just recorded a video for you and the other interested guy, made a table design yesterday, but your approach makes it a bit more controllable.

Here is the new workflow on resulting meshes in FlatShade – soooo cooool!

Here is my design:
Kalleidoscopic Layer. Keep you updated. Love the Rhino-Community and you most of all John! :slight_smile: Made my day!


Just a quick tip, find this Chrome plugin soo cool esp for tutorials, just hit D a couple of times an increase speed

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This Modo Plugin looks badass. Have to get back to it and get both worlds working…