Radial Symmetry Tool for existing object?

Anyone know of a function/plugin similar to this? https://youtu.be/7P9oRtZRG9g

I am aware of the radial array in Rhino. However, it lacks two things I need to do:

  1. Eliminate self-overlap - It would be great to be able to truncate the object where the symmetry line is, so it appears to be one continuous object.
  2. Seamless symmetry - By this I mean the object would be made self-similar within each copy, so that there are no discontinuities from one to the next.

Currently in Rhino I would need to slice the object beforehand with a wedge, angled as (360/x) where x = how many spokes I need. For seamless symmetry it needs to be (360/2x). If I want to change the mirror point at all, I need to go all the way back to before I cut the object. Lots of guess work is needed and it’s very cumbersome compared to how I can accomplish it in Max.

The ability to manipulate the reflection origin point in real time would also be nice, but I realize that’s not how Rhino really works. This is very key to the assets I need to make right now, so any pointers or insights would be much appreciated.

maybe you should try with Grasshopper.

Unfortunately Grasshopper doesn’t recognize point cloud objects, which is what I’m trying to apply radial symmetry to.
I’m wondering if it could maybe be accomplished with a Python script?