Any idea how to make this facade pattern(Torre De Especialidades)?

It is a repeating pattern, but I cannot figure out what the base pattern beneath it looks like/
Or maybe name of the location? Where is this building?

I cannot find the source of the pictures.

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Ha, this is just the right one, THANKS!

I added the name of the place to the title of this post.

not sure it is right (16.3 KB)

I watched Parametric House tutorial about Torre De Especialidades, but seems the tutorial doesn’t aim to copy the original logic.
I am not sure, but maybe mine is not that wrong.
I guess this is Voronoi base on repeating group of points.

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I would think that are repeating pieces.
Just for fabrication it would make a lot of sense.
My guess is, that is not made from voronoi, or maybe just the base cells.

Looks like 2 pieces only. So it’s not voronoi, but some sort of aperiodic tiling, such as penrose tiling.

If you draw the part outlines using just the connecting surfaces (so ignoring the holes), the pattern will reveal itself.

Edit: it actually looks like it’s penrose tiling.


Yes it is a Penrose tiling

this script could help and it also in Parakeet

Depending of the type of polygon you choose the sphape

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Here a way to use a Penrose tool published on Grasshopper3d forum.
As the tool didn’t output the diamond of the penrose tiling I had to use some tricks to reconstruct them Some use of convex hull but there are others ways to do what I did.
After that when you have the diamond there are many ways to make the structure.
The simpliest is to have the 2 3D shapes.

Here I tried to make some simple 2D shapes (31.4 KB)

Some other uses with polygon


As always, really great to learn from you!