Custom 2d patterns on Rectangular facade panels

Hi. Request your help to design a facade. I am new to grasshopper and trying to figure out a easy method to get a custom 2d pattern or voronoi patterns like mesh on rectangular facade panels for a building with curved edges. please find the sketch attached. Would really appreciate your help regarding this.

Welcome @cadesign92,

The simplest approach would probably be to get a bounding box for each base facade panel, populate each of them with random points, construct a three-dimensional Vornoi from those points, and finally intersect the Vornois with the facade panels.

Another way would be to project a two-dimensional Vornoi pattern onto a curved facade panel.

If you have a model of the building, upload it, and I’ll show you!

What is your goal? Is this for an architectural rendering, straight to fabrication or something in middle?

facade 2 (13.8 KB) Facade 2.3dm (3.4 MB)
@diff-arch Thank you for your prompt reply and willingness to help. Please find the model attached below. I have managed to create the facade and subdivide into panels. Also, created a base panel with the desired voronoi pattern. Now the question is how do i get the base panel on the facade following the subdivisions.

Hi! It is purely for Architectural rendering.

Something like this?

facade 2 script (23.0 KB)


@diff-arch Yes!! Thank you so much for your time! greatly appreciate it

@diff-arch Would you be able to explain how to increase the number of panels and thickness of the panels using the script you have provided?

The number of Vornoi cells can be increased with the number slider called Count.
To thicken the individual panels, you need the Weaverbird plugin. It has a Mesh Thicken component.

thank you!

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